Oncofertility- Offering Hope for the Cancer Patients

Oncofertility is the mix of Oncology i.e., research study of cancer and Fertility i.e., capacity to produce offspring.

It is a subfield that research to check out and expand alternatives for the reproductive future of cancer survivors. Oncofertility bridges oncology and reproductive medicine that works to expand the fertility potential of youths with cancer. It was developed to offer cancer patients with the option to take fertility preservation steps prior to and after cancer treating treatments have happened.

Oncofertility involves the fertility conservation i.e., conservation of the egg/embryo or sperm. Considering that using chemotherapy/radiation on the body during the cancer treatments leads to the infertility in people, Oncofertility features the alternative for them. This assists them to cryo-preserve their eggs or sperms or embryos, and that can be utilized in future whenever they are ready for the parenthood.

It is not only restricted to particular gender, male, female or perhaps teenagers can get take advantage of it. In couples if among the partners is seeking for the chemotherapy/radiation then they can even freeze their embryos, which utilized in future for their parenthood.