Early Ovarian Aging/ Infertility

What is Premature Ovarian Aging?

Early ovarian failure aging (POA) is specified as having low ovarian reserve, a low number of great quality eggs for ones age.


POA is one of the significant, often overlooked, reason for female infertility. As females grow older, their ovarian reserve declines. Females attempting pregnancy after age 40 often have problem getting pregnant due to the fact that of low ovarian reserve. In some women this decline of ovarian function happens much earlier than others, these ladies are considered to have premature ovarian aging (POA).

POA adversely affects fertility mostly since of sub-optimal quantity and quality of eggs produced. Sadly, quality of eggs decreases with quantity. For that reason, women with reduced ovarian reserve experience the greatest miscarriage rates of any infertility medical diagnosis. With appropriate aggressive treatment ladies with POA can have their own hereditary kids.

Early Ovarian Aging (POA) and Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)– What’s the Difference?

The distinction between POA and early ovarian failure (POF) is of importance. POF is specified by an FSH level above 40 mIU/mL (post-menopausal variety). Early menopause is a term utilized to refer to this condition. Ladies with high FSH levels, however still listed below 40 mIU/mL are thought about to struggle with POA. Pregnancy in women with POF is an uncommon event.

The India IVF Fertility does use treatments to POF Medication it is the patient who eventually selects treatment.

Treatment of Early Ovarian Aging

India IVF Fertility employs aggressive IVF stimulation protocols regularly in combination with development hormone to enhance chances for pregnancy. We have had extremely encouraging outcomes with the addition of development hormonal agent with POA clients undergoing IVF. #indiaivf #infertility #ovarianaeging