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Benefits of Natural IVF

  • Natural IVF uses no medications or stimulation drugs, so you need to rely on your natural ability to produce eggs for fertilization through your ovulation.
  • You do not get any side effects of hormonal therapies and drugs.
  • Natural cycle IVF treatment costs less in comparison to conventional or stimulated IVF techniques.
  • Less time is taken, as you are not required to go for drug therapies to produce eggs and egg retrieval.
  • Less agonizing experience as you do not undergo fertility injections for egg growth.
  • You need not have fear of multiple pregnancies.
  • No tension of freezing extra eggs since one egg will be retrieved during the process, which will be used up at the same time.
  • You are unlikely to develop OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation). Some women can have OHSS due to the usage of stimulation drugs. Now, in natural cycle, no drugs are used so there is no chance left of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.
  • NC-IVF is good for cases of male fertility.
  • It is less time consuming, as it doesn’t require going through the process of medications to stimulate ovaries to release eggs.

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