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Multivitamins & Infertility

Nutrients that can help to support a healthy conception include:

Antioxidants “ protect cells from damage by free radicals in environmental and other toxins

Coenzyme (Q10) “ an important antioxidant and ˜energy nutrient within every cell

Vitamin E “ an antioxidant that may promote circulation to the reproductive system, including to the placenta

Vitamin C “ an antioxidant important within the ovary itself. As the developing egg needs vitamin C to mature and ovulate, more vitamin C is used up around the time of ovulation

Mixed carotenoids “ Vitamin A (retinoid) is involved in creating DNA. In small amounts it is essential for healthy foetal development, particularly for the immune system and eyes. However, you should avoid taking too much Vitamin A

Manganese “ involved in enzyme functions that have antioxidant effects and transfer genetic information

Zinc “ one of the most important nutrients for a healthy reproductive system. Involved in sexual development, ovulation and the menstrual cycle

Selenium “ an antioxidant that supports normal conception

Omega-3 fatty acids “ improving omega-3 fatty acids ensures that a woman’s fat tissue stores retain a reserve of these fatty acids for the developing foetus, a healthy pregnancy and optimally fed newborn

B-Vitamins “ Vitamin B12, B6 and folate are three B vitamins significant for the reproductive system.