Sucesss Story of INDIAIVF

Success Stories DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! After 5 years of infertility we came to Dr. Richika with hopes of being blessed with a child. We had been through all of the tests and found no reason for the infertility. With the support of India IVF we started treatments and 3 1/2 years ago we were blessed with our child. After a year with our first child, we wanted more children. We had difficulties having a second baby and returned to Dr Richika for a second chance. And with the love, support and guidance of the India IVF team, we never gave up on our dreams! After our last attempt, the India IVF team had done it again, we were pregnant with TWINS! and everyday we look at them with amazement that our dreams of having a big family had come true! We are forever grateful for the India IVF team and could never thank all of you for helping us to achieve our dreams!” Im not sure words can quite express how fantastic Dr. Richika Sahay is. Walking into an infertility clinic is intimidating.